Understanding Your Environment

Conducting a business and technical analysis is critical to the success of any information exchange project. At a high-level, it’s important to understand how the agencies involved are currently using and documenting information in order to clearly identify and define the business goals of your project. On top of that, it’s important to understand how the technical environment supports the current workflow and processes.

URL’s business and technical analysis involves scoping the current state – “As-Is” status – of each agency’s business and technical environment. We begin the analysis by conducting a series of interviews with all stakeholders, subject matter experts, and system owners who will be actively involved in your information exchange project. These interviews are conducted to ensure like information is elicited, assembled, and documented. From this, URL can make recommendations regarding the “quick win” opportunities for information sharing, as well as identify any risks to the project that stakeholders need to be made aware of and address.

The outcome of URL’s business and technical analysis services include:

  • Documentation around the internal workflows and legacy systems of each agency involved in the integration effort,
  • An understanding of  each agency’s business goals and what support it needs from information technology (IT) in order to achieve those goals,
  • An understanding of the current technical environment and each agency’s readiness for integration,
  • An understanding from agency leaders of their information exchange priorities.