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URL has earned industry-leading awards for its innovation and commitment efforts to understanding the unique complexities of justice information sharing initiatives and providing solutions that make it a more efficient, predictable, and automated. We take great pride in these awards since they reflect the true passion of our people and their dedication in bringing all parties together to work towards a shared vision – to promote interoperability, enable better decision making, and improve communications and collaboration through real-time information exchanges.

Iowa CJIS Project Wins Annual BJS and JRSA, Statistical Analysis Center’s (SAC) Technical Innovation Award

Iowa SAC, State of Iowa Criminal Justice Information Sharing (CJIS) Initiative project was selected by the Committee for its incorporation of advanced technologies and justice system-wide impacts.
“The SAC provided strong project management and oversight for CJIS during the planning and “rollout” phases of the project. Once CJIS was established, the SAC was also able to evaluate and analyze the impact that it has had on the justice community and make recommendations to further refine the needs and scope of the project. Additionally, the SAC was responsible for contract management and overseeing the work of the various contractors working on CJIS. The Iowa CJIS project has achieved unprecedented cross-boundary collaboration, created a more transparent justice enterprise, and achieved measurable efficiencies and results, including connecting, integrating, and automating existing criminal justice information systems; incorporating business processes and multiple exchanges from multiple agencies; and streamling document sharing across criminal justice related agencies and offices.” Learn more about Iowa SAC.

Iowa CJIS Project Wins Best of NIEM 2011 Award

The award, a custom-engraved Louisville Slugger, was presented on August 24th by the NIEM Executive Director, Donna Roy, at the NIEM 2011 National Training Event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
“The Best of NIEM award for the Iowa CJIS effort is a true reflection of the value of using a standards-based approach that is the best, most economical and proven platform available on the market today. The use of a service-oriented architecture – based on NIEM and related industry standards – allowed Iowa’s solution providers the ability to add-on applications and systems using a common language that is replicated across multiple jurisdictions. As a result, information now moves seamlessly and automatic throughout Iowa’s criminal justice process.” Learn more about Best of NIEM 2011.

Iowa CJIS Project Wins IJIS Institute Innovation Award

Project connects criminal justice information systems across Iowa.
“The Iowa Criminal Justice Information System Project is a statewide information sharing initiative to connect existing criminal justice information systems across Iowa. This ongoing project, which first went live in February 2008, currently benefits 84 Iowa criminal justice agencies using 17 different Justice Reference Architecture- (JRA) compliant information exchanges using the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and the Global Justice Exchange Data Model (GJXDM) as well as national standards for encryption/decryption, validation, routing, and error handling.” Learn more about our 2010 Innovation Award.

URL Integration Recognized by IJIS Institute

Receives 2010 Member Appreciation Award Given by Institute
“The IJIS Institute Member Appreciation Award is presented two times a year by the IJIS Institute to the member company that has demonstrated outstanding contributions to the IJIS Institute during the previous year. Candidates for the award are nominated by IJIS Institute leadership, staff, or committee chairs, and represent significant contributions to information sharing through their work at the IJIS Institute.” Learn more about our 2010 Member Appreciated Award.