Increase Information Accessibility & Availability

The success of information sharing projects relies heavily on how well your users can recall, update, send, receive, and use the information that is being exchanged. However, many user interfaces on rigid, legacy systems are outdated, difficult to use, and are “brittle”, breaking every time one of the agencies changes or upgrades their information system. These interfaces are also typically less conducive to gathering and sharing event-driven information.

That’s why at URL we believe implementing a simple Web-based user interface, on the front end of key legacy systems will improve the user experience and increase user productivity.  A Web application is simply what it implies – it is an application that interacts with your legacy system, but is accessible over the Internet. So, no matter where your users are located – remotely or in the office – if they have a working PC or electronic device with Internet connection, they can gain access and continue to operate with maximum efficiency.

With URL’s Web Application services, you can expect the following:

  • Identification and definition of user interface purpose and goals, including what information will be shared,
  • Development of the application function and screens, including the creation of feature and specification documents and usability requirements of how information will be visually searched, received, sent, and used,
  • Creation of sample designs on how the interface will aesthetically look and feel,
  • A regimen for managing access to the application and protocols for managing security and user roles,
  • Development of the Web application, including interface front-end coding and back-end integration to your information exchanges and legacy systems,
  • Testing and training to ensure accuracy and reliability and encourage usage.