A Shared Vision

Most justice and public safety agencies have a common need to improve collaboration and performance by linking disparate systems together to automate the electronic exchange of information. However, many resist moving forward simply because they don’t know where to begin or how to obtain proper funding to support this type of cross-agency cooperation.

We understand the intricacies of information sharing and how to help you overcome the business, technical, and political obstacles that can hinder your information exchange process. We also understand that it starts with a well-articulated vision of practical goals and a solid roadmap to effectively educate and inform regional and local stakeholders.

Our strategic plan development services will help to formalize your vision by:

  • Defining the strategic benefits, guiding principles, issues, and goals,
  • Generating education and understanding around the application of methodologies, information exchange mapping and modeling, and common exchange standards,
  • Providing or supporting a multi-disciplinary governance structure and roadmap to meet compliant information sharing and cooperation from interested stakeholders,
  • Investigating and locating available funding and grant opportunities to support your efforts.