• Do You…

    ...need to integrate systems that weren't made to interconnect?

    ...need additional functionality added to an existing system?

    ...have a system that is good as far as it goes, but needs to do more?

    ...need to make data available to the public, maybe even in a mobile app?

    ...need real integration, not just email notifications?

  • We Can Help!

    We specialize in custom integration and add-on modules in the Criminal Justice world, such as statewide justice data integration for legacy CMS systems.

    When URL builds your custom system or module, you get the functionality you need done the way you want.

    Breathe amazing new life into your legacy system.

    We offer you the flexibility that off-the-shelf software cannot.

  • URL creates custom web applications, for internal or public use, as well as companion mobile apps. These applications may also use your existing legacy data sources. Discover how you can reach people in new ways while saving money.

    Be sure to check out the full range of our services.

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  • Meet the Team

    Our leadership team has a unique combination of real world experience as both justice practitioners and technology experts within the public sector. Collectively, our leadership has the breadth and depth to understand the intricacies of information sharing and how to overcome the technical, business, and political obstacles that often hinder the success of an integrated […]

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